Our Commitments for sustainable growth

For every new development opportunity, BERTEL takes into account social and environmental criteria.
This is perfectly summarized by founder Mrs Bertel’s saying : « Do it good, but do it well ! »
This commitment has been reinforced over time by new responsibilities linked to its corporate development.
As a responsible family business, our strategy favours a steady and sustainable development that is profitable to all rather than immediate or short terms gains.

Tradition & know-how

In-house know-how, premium ingredients and employees experience are key to our success. Some collaborators have been working with us for over 25 years preserving an authentic Brittany cullinary tradition.

Quality & Security

All our ingredients are rigorously selected and fully traceable. Our products go through continuous quality and taste tests that make our processes compliant with HACCP and IFS regulations.

No additives, no colouring, no preservatives! These are our secrets!

Responsible & Long-term oriented

Bertel is comitted to acting responsably on all social, environmental and business matters to reach long-term, and regular development.